Marmot Tents

CONCEPT: To become a true camper, one must camp in our tent and not an RV.

Copywriter: Jessi Pelzel



Where is the one place RVs are never allowed? Your own backyard.

Marmot will launch an app where true campers can rent out the ultimate camping experience right in the comfort of someone’s backyard. People with nature bound properties from around the world will post their backyards and true campers will begin their journey. All you need is a Marmot tent, some buddies, and the fixins for a perfect S’more. This app will instill the true meaning of camping my eliminating RVs and planting breathable, portable Marmot tents around the globe.

Out of Home

This anti-RV sign will be hung around campgrounds as a reminder to all campers that hiding away in a gas guzzling machine does not count as camping. There will also be grills hooked to each sign that can be taken down and used by campers who cook their meals outside instead of in a 2x4 kitchen.