The Micro Mac

Copywriter: Kurt Monette, Sarah Uchison . Packaging Designer: Katie Wasserman

We wanted to make a "huge" splash on April Fools Day without being too overt that it's a ruse. With McDonald's coming off the heels of its "Big Mac For That" campaign, offering 3 different sized Big Macs, we thought we'd tease the release of an infinitesimal, bite sized Big Mac: The Micro Mac.

ADWEEK was lovin' it

And just in case people were on to us, we took it a step further. With the help of real-life McDonald's chef, Mike Haracz and a custom made micro kitchen, we showcased our lil' baby burger by actually cooking one on an adorable, functioning teeny tiny stove. 

We temporarily revamped the McDonald's homepage and facebook page on the weekend of April 1st to feature our shrunken hero.